It’s not easy having a significant concept and no time to execute it. I hear that a lot. “I’ll write my book when I retire” or “If I can just carve out six months to retreat into the woods, I’ll get that memoir done.” Trouble is, life doesn’t happen that way.

What if you could collaborate with someone skilled and experienced, keen to take the time it takes to make your story shine? That’s where I come in. I’m a seasoned writer with 15 years experience telling stories much like yours (except not anything like yours because of course you’re unique).

Not only do I have the chops to take your project from concept to completion, I have another bonus feature: I’m disciplined. In our distracted landscape, I’m able to focus on your project and stay on task.

When you’re ready to get rolling, give me a call/text: 604 396 9970, drop me a line on the contact page or connect on Linkedin